Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is very important to keep your site maintained and updated. When guests come to your site it needs to look organized and clear. This is one of the tasks that take place after a website is completed and presented to our clients to help your visitors to your website. It also improve performance.

The website maintenance tasks are separated in 3 basic steps:

  1. Checking. Checking a website is a crucial part of the tasks which must be done. These are thing that are done behind the seen where no one see. These tasks include source code/SEO optimization, compatibility validation with web standards, authentication, file system checking, etc.
  2. Content Submission/Update. Submitting new articles, or updating existing text, on your website eliminates stale material and provides a sense of an ever-evolving website to your website viewers.
  3. Backup Process. All websites are hosted on many machines called Servers. Like your own computer, servers also can get damaged (hard disk corruption, electricity interruption, data loss, hackers’ attack, etc). How is your website currently being backed-up? How is your website currently being maintained? Our maintenance service includes regular, periodic backups of your entire website, enabling the site to be restored to its last proper state, at any time.


The cost of website maintenance varies, depending on which of the above steps we will perform (of course, this is your choice) and the number of hours involved. Please contact us to discuss your maintenance needs and to get an accurate quote based on your requirements.

Website Maintenance Turnaround Time

Once a quote is approved, the work takes 24-48 hours at the most. From time to time, we might run into unexpected issues and, if that’s the case, we will notify you promptly.

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